Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Few Pictures

Hanna and I in Kabale on the island.

Playing in the rain.

Hanna and I at the Equator on our way to Rwanda.


Tig Intagliata said...

Hey Jill,
Thanks for sending me your updates and the link to your blog. I'm looking forward to "follow"-ing you this semester! The photos are great--say Hi to Hanna. We missed you both at BASIC on Friday, but are saving a spot at the table for you when you both get back! Thoughts and prayer are with you.... Tig

Hanna Abroad said...

JILL! I am so lucky to be in 2 of your 3 pics!! love it!!! love you!!

June said...

Hi Jill,
I enjoy reading your stories so much! I think about you everyday. Everything sounds so interesting and it's amazing to see God's work through your eyes. Take care! June Seymour