Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 Weeks!

We have 5 weeks left. Crazy.

It seems like the end is close enough to start talking about it, but yet too far away to get excited about it. Although most of us are excited to come home. Hopefully we can just enjoy these last few weeks here in Africa, and not look too forward to the end and miss what we have right in front of us now.

So these last few weeks will be spent with friends...

...coloring with the boys in my house...

...and studying a lot. Writing papers, working on presentations, and reading.
Which mostly turns into listening to music and talking about food we miss.

Before I know it, this time will be over. Weeks seem to fly by. Especially with all the schoolwork that I have to finish, days will go by even quicker.

The rest of my weekends are filled too. I am going to some markets in Kampala this Saturday, then the next weekend we have an IMME trip to Rakai, then I am going to play in a Frisbee tourney in Kampala the last weekend in November, and then the first weekend in December I am going on a safari! Then it's debrief and home. Crazy crazy.

I have some bigger projects that are going to be due soon, so I should probably be working on them since they are due around the same time.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful Wednesday!


Case said...

I completely echo your sentiments. I'll be home in about 5 weeks, too.

Your pictures are great, by the way. I'm jealous that you're going on a safari. And playing in a frisbee tournament! I remember when you tore it up on the first night of staff orientation this summer. That was cool.

So it looks like we're not meeting up in Egypt after all...oh well. It was a nice thought :)

Bruce said...

We miss you Jill and can't wait for the next five weeks to be over. Enjoy the rest of your time.


abbi stern said...

you would find a frisbee tourney! lol oh jill! miss you!